Glenwood Springs Soccer Club

Club Referees

Assignor Info
Alexander Tucker
C: (970)-309-9638

Contact Alexander for any additional info/help.
Reporting Games

Game Officials

  • Log into your account
  • Click on AFTER Games
  • Click on the game number you need to report
  • Enter final score and click SAVE
  • If you need to make an incident report:
  • Click on INCIDENT REPORT - on the right side of your screen across from the game number
  • Select CLICK TO ADD A NEW INCIDENT REPORT and follow the steps. An separate incident report must be created for each caution, send-off, etc during the game. When you print the copy it will combine into one report.

As of Spring 2018, you no longer need to report games in GotSoccer!

See video to the right for step by step directions.

Division Liaisons
G15- Erik Johnson
B12- Paul Riciputi
G12- Dereck Cox
B10- Scott Zevin
G10- Laurie Taylor
U7/U8- Glenn Hartmann
Becoming a Colorado Soccer Referee 2020

Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) Referee Information - Click Here

Colorado Referees - Click Here

New Referee/Certification

Any certification is done via the state through Game Officials. Recertification is done every year in the season in which you first became a referee. Step by step instructions for recertification are available below as a document and a YouTube video. For those who are looking to become a referee, contact Alexander at . Remember, the club pays (re)certification fees after you have done 5 games.

Weekly Update
Posted Mar 30, 2018

As Winter comes to a close, soccer is warming up. We are all excited for a jammed packed two months of soccer. This season I will be introducing a weekly conversation point, anything for pre-game to laws of the game, we'll cover it all. If you have a subject you would like to see covered, shoot an email to or message us on Facebook!

Payment Information

Game Level

Referee Pay

Assistant Referee Pay




U11 - U12



U13 - U14



U15 - U16



U17 - U19



Pay Processing Dates Spring 2018

Week of 3/19 - CEN
Week of 3/26 - CEN
Week of 4/9 - CEN
Week of 4/16 - MRL
Week of 4/23 - CEN
Week of 4/30 - MRL
Week of 5/7 - CEN
Week of 5/14 - MRL
Week of 5/21 - CEN
Week of 5/28 - MRL
CEN - Centennial League
MRL - Mountain Region League

Getting Paid

In order for you to get paid, the center ref for the game must report the score in Game Officials. U12 center refs and any level U13 and above is paid via the state. (See Below) U12 AR's and any U10's is paid via the club with a check in the mail. Days payments are sent are above.

State Payment

It is important that you have the proper set-up in Game Officials to get paid.

  • Log into Game Officials
  • Click "My Payments"

If you have never used Game Officials, you will need to submit a W2 per federal requirments. Without this, the state will not pay you. You only have to do this once.

After you submit the W2, you will need to setup how you want to be paid. A bank account is recommended as it allows you to get the money instantly.

  • Click "Add New Payment Method" near the bottom.
  • Choose how you want to be paid.

Follow the steps till you are complete. Afterwards, you can choose how often you would like to be paid.

  • Choose "Change Prefrences" next to automatic payment method.
  • Choose how often you would like a check sent or money deposited in account.

That's it! If you have any questions about payment, please contact Alexander. No setup is required for games paid by the club.