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In-House and MRL - Program Information

Developmental Stage - 9 to 12 Years
The players should have a deeper understanding of the rules, and should be encouraged to explore the gray areas of the rules.  This does not mean encouraging the players to “cheat,” but figuring out how to gain advantages within the games (i.e. taking free kicks quickly, figuring out how much physical play the referee will allow.) Markers of the stage:

  • Acquisition of basic skills
  • Introduction of key concepts
  • The motivation to learn basic skills is never greater than this age level
  • Players will begin to change from being self-centered to being self-critical and develop the need for group or team games
  • The game itself should be central to all skills training
  • Small-sided games are appropriate

Intermediate Stage - 13 to 15 Years
First two years playing 11v11. Players should know the rules of the game, and should be encouraged to understand the "grey area" of the rules, the etiquette of the game, and the gamesmanship of the game.  This is usually accomplished by watching the game being played at very high levels, both in person and on television.  Markers of the stage:

  • The pace of development quickens at this level due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation
  • The demands of skill-training should like-wise increase
  •  Awareness within an 11-a side game becomes an important part of the practice

The in-house league is only an option for the u10 age group. This league provides an introduction to soccer at the u10 age group. Teams participating in this league will practice 2x/week and will have games on Saturdays. Games will not require travel beyond the Valley.

All u12+ age groups will participate in the Mountain Region League or Advanced Leagues.

The Mountain Region League (or MRL) is western slope specific and will require travel for away games - the MRL serves mountain area clubs from Vail to Grand Junction. 

Age groups in the in-house league and MRL are designated by birth year with combined age groups. For example, u11 & u12 players (birth years 2010 and 2011) play together in the u12 age group.

Practice Schedule
  • Trainings will be conducted between 3 and 8pm. Training times will be picked by each team’s coach.
  • All In-House and MRL teams will train twice a week
  • In-house games will be played anywhere from Aspen to Glenwood Springs
  • MRL games will be played anywhere west of Vail
  • Each team will have an 8-9 game league season
  • Teams u10 and above are suggested to participate in two to three tournaments in a calendar year
  • Teams under u10 will participate in local jamborees held throughout the valley

Competitiveness of Programs
Glenwood Springs Soccer Club is considered a developmental youth club. With playing options for both recreational and competitive players ranging in different competitive levels and geographical locations. Glenwood Springs Soccer Club offers youth programs starting with the developmental academy for ages 5-9 and travel teams ranging from ages 10-19 for both boys and girls. These teams will compete in state leagues and tournaments ranging from recreational to competitive.

Age Group Designation & Registration Eligibility

2021-2022 Season
Birth Year Age Group Designation: Registration Eligibility: Program Designation:
2017 5U 6U Academy
2016 6U 6U Academy
2015 7U 8U Academy
2014 8U 8U Academy
2013 9U 10U In-House or MRL
2012 10U 10U In-House or MRL
2011 11U 12U MRL or Advanced
2010 12U 12U or 13U MRL or Advanced
2009 13U 13U or 15U MRL or Advanced
2008 14U 14U or 15U MRL or Advanced
2007 15U 15U MRL or Advanced
2006 16U 17U Advanced
2005 17U 17U Advanced
2004 18U 19U Advanced
2003 19U 19U Advanced

Uniform Ordering

Players in u10+ age groups must have a GSSC uniform for the season. The uniform is the same as was used for spring 2021. New players must purchase a full uniform kit. Returning players should replace uniform items as necessary.

All pieces of the uniform for 10u-15u can be purchased HERE.
Uniform kits consists of Red Jersey, White Jersey, Navy Shorts, Navy Socks

All pieces of the uniform for 17u-19u can be purchased HERE

Uniform kits consists of Blue Jersey, White Jersey, Navy Shorts, Navy Socks

Sizing information for the uniforms can be found HERE.
  • Adult sizes are mens cut and sizes
  • Turn around time for the uniforms will be a couple of weeks - so order them quickly!
  • The cost for a full uniform kit is approximately $80 + shipping cost

When ordering your jersey, you will be required to enter a jersey number. Assigned jersey numbers can be found HERE. If you are not on the list, please contact Hailey Bird to be assigned a number.


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